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     Is the Income Tax System Legal    

This book is about how the income tax system came to be, what you can do to keep what is rightfully yours and how to do your own tax preparation if one chooses to do so.The book is divided in three main sections. The first is about the legalities of the system and how it was perpetuated into the present day system we live by today.The second is about the best and easiest solution to keep your money in your pocket and what you need to do, and the third is how to do it.

About the Author

I am a scholar, who has dedicated my life to helping people, especially as a 

mediator for people who find themselves in conflict with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 

I have been a tax consultant for over 14 years, within that time; I have helped a multitude of people with their tax issues. I have been involved in the financial industry for just as long, I have been a certified life insurance agent with Primerica Life where my financial life began. 

A large part of my knowledge and experiences has been through real life situations in dealing with CRA and the constant referring to the Income Tax Act. Some of that know how, comes from what works and what doesn't, and the remainder from constant and continuous hard work and study.

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